About us

Areál Zdravia Rozálka Pezinok is a multifunctional sports complex located in the beautiful green hills of the Little Carpathians ( Malé Karpaty), just a short way from the capital city Bratislava. The area has high sports, social, aesthetic, and architectural standards. The area contains a hotel complex, a spacious restaurant, an equestrian center, a tennis court, a multifunctional children's playground, a mini-zoo, a billiard, and free parking.

Due to the beautiful nature, good location, and walking trails, the area has become a popular place in recent years for recreational and sports stays, family trips, congresses, team buildings, social events, weddings, and more.

Hotel Rozálka ***, which forms the dominant feature of the complex, consists of three buildings with a capacity of up to 100 fixed beds. The heart of the hotel is the spacious Rozálka Restaurant, which offers regional, experiential cuisine and a quality choice from the menu. Hotel Rozálka provides the opportunity of organizing conferences and social events such as corporate meetings, training, workshops, team building, weddings, celebrations. 

Throughout the year, the area hosts competitions in various disciplines.
After several years of effort, events had become relevant for the participation of the media, known personalities of cultural, social, and political life.

The annual riding season opens with dynamic show jumping competitions and elegant international vaulting races, with competitors from Argentina, Great Britain, Finland, Russia, and more than 13 other countries.