A few years ago, the Health area Rozálka Pezinok , which is an ideal place for riding sport, was modernized. A modern complex for housing horses with ideal arena for all types of riding races, including indoor arena ,was built in the place of neglected farm buildings. The complex has high sporting, social, aesthetic and architectural level. For these extraordinary qualities, people are going there more and more often. People fascinate the relationship and the connection between man and horse. Every part of the summer season at Rozálka is a race in various disciplines, which, after many years of effort, became the rule for full tribune, the participation of the media and important personalities of cultural, social and political life. The Health area Rozalka Pezinok tries to popularize riding sport in any form and wake up the interest of young people in nature and, above all, of a noble animal like a horse.

Informácie o meste Pezinok:

Pezinok is an old vineyard town with a rich history, located in the beautiful nature of the small Carpathians. Pezinok is near to the capital of Bratislava.The city has regularly organized important cultural events not only local but also regional. Pezinok is also part of the tourist project Malokarpatská vínna cesta, which connects the villages and towns of the Malokarpatsk region with viniculture and wine-making traditions from Bratislava to Smolenice.